Quarterly Theory Workshops

About this series

The Quarterly Theory Workshop brings in three theoretical computer science experts present their perspective and research on a common theme.  Chicago area researchers with interest in theoretical computer science are invited to attend.  The technical program is in the morning and includes coffee and lunch.  The afternoon of the workshop will allow for continued discussion between attendees and the speakers.

Spring 2016: Sum-of-Squares and SDP hierarchies

Winter 2016: Algorithmic Game Theory and Data Science

The first Quarterly Theory Workshop is on the theme of Algorithmic Game Theory and Data Science.  This theme revisions algorithmic game theory in the context of a data rich world.  Mechanisms are designed from samples.  Games are evaluated with respect to data from the actions players took.  The theory describes how developers of computer systems in strategic environment can understand their systems from the data their systems generate.  Please see this page for more details.